Promotion Winners

From January 09, 2017 to March 09, 2017 visitors of the Bridge Inn Hotel had the opportunity to enter our Big BBQ Promotion, sponsored by Keno, by simply purchasing a keno ticket worth $5 or more, as well as daily entries available to loyalty members from the Kiosk located at the West entry of the Venue.

On Thursday March 09, 2017 6.30pm Alex Roast, the nominated draw official, closed all entries and began collecting and consolidating all the entry boxes. (supervised by our draw compliance supervisor Kate Holzer) At 7pm Alex began the draw, selecting 4 random entries (one at a time) to determine the winners.  As per terms and conditions of entry, below is the list of the 4 entries randomly selected to take home the 4 Burner Beef Master!

S. Twomey – VIC 3754

A. Arundell – VIC 3754

J. Wilson – VIC 3754

J. Beaton – VIC 3088

Congratulations to our winners!